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The HAIOS is designed for young users, with fixed frame and portable shaft, to allow setting at the optimal selection in terms of centre of gravity. A process that will allow users to discover their optimal axle position, according to their individual requirements.
A tough, comfortable as well as stylish wheelchair.

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  • Adjustable center of gravity.
  • Fully customisable configuration.
  • Fixed frame manufactured with ø 25mm aluminium tubes and ø30 mm axle.
  • Frame made from light aluminium alloy used in the aviation industry.
  • Wheelchair weight 6,5kg, excluding wheels.
  • Weight up to 120kg.
  • Fixed or reclining backrest.
  • Classic or ergonomic seat.
  • Side guards made from carbon fibre, plastic, aluminium, removable or welded on the frame, with or without armrest.
  • Adjustable angle or fixed footplate.
  • Camber angle.
  • Wheels, pushrims.
  • Various colours.
  • Extra equipment (pouch, phone holder etc.).