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Personalized configuration


The absolute need to use the “right” wheelchair leads users to choose custom-made products. The right wheelchair should be constructed and modified to suit the user, according to their body measurements, type of disability and lifestyle.
The aim of the finalised wheelchair is to optimise mobility, ensure proper posture of the torso and limbs, to provide smooth, comfortable gliding motion, as well as a faultless appearance.
For everyone on the OKIS team, providing the maximum possible features for users and responding to their most demanding requirements are our overriding priorities.
Each wheelchair should be as individual as its user.
«ἅπαξ ποιούμενον»

Consequences of incorrect chair width measurement.

Too big
  • Improper elbow angle with respect to the pushrim (application of excessive force, stress on joints).
  • Wrong slanted position of the pelvis.
  • Excessive overall width.
Too small
  • Pressure points (inclinations).

Consequences of incorrect seat depth.

Too big
  • The pressure points may result in circulatory problems
  • Poor balance for users.
  • The improper posture leads to loss of ergonomics while in motion.
  • Legs are stretched and are no more in contact with the footrest (risk of injuries).
Too small
  • Minimal stability.
  • Increased risk of tipping over as the surface for thigh support is not sufficient, thus increased pressure is exerted to the buttocks.

Consequences of improper seat height.

Too big
  • Need to push wheels more often (accelerated fatigue).
  • Risk of overturning due to centre of gravity being too high.
Too low
  • Elbows may come in contact with tyres.
  • Increased load on shoulders and spine due to excessive raising of shoulders.

Consequences of incorrect backrest height.

Too big
  • Limited shoulder movement (weakening of muscular system).
  • Torso leans forward.
Too low
  • Partial support of the back leads to ineffective support, accelerating fatigue.


  • When seated, users do not remain immobilised; they can move their hands and make other micromovements, which are not generally taken into account.
  • The seat should be capable of supporting any possible movement, ensuring comfort, adequate completion of the ultimate objective, and it should be properly balanced around the fixed base.
  • When seated, users should be protected against mechanical stresses, and should also be able to perform normal activities comfortably.


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